Le Matin Classic

Le Matin Classic

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”

Maya Angelou

Mayde Tea – Energise: This rejuvenating caffeine-free blend is high in antioxidants and minerals that improve circulation and vitality. Sweet papaya and zesty, spicy herbs combine in an invigorating brew that gives you a nourishing energy boost. Handmade in Australia. Organic and vegan. 40 serves loose leaf / Net weight 100g

Maison Balzac – Le Matin petite candle: Le Matin (‘the morning’ in French) is a reminder that every day, the sun rises over a new world. This scent is every morning’s new world. It is fresh and awakening. Thyme boosts energy levels, and is a natural antibacterial. Lemon is invigorating and uplifting. Rosemary allows mental clarity. This blend immediately whisks you away to the Mediterranean. 55 grams approx. 18 hours burn time

Loco Love Chocolate Box – Butter Caramel Pecan: Twin pack of butter caramel pecan chocolate bars with tonic herbs. An otherworldly, euphoric trip for your taste buds, the chewy buttery vegan caramel sits on top of an activated organic pecan base; then enrobed in bittersweet cacao for the perfect flavour balance. Spiked with a blend of potent tonic herbs, helping revitalise and energise your body – it’s like a spa getaway in chocolate form. Everything you need to give your brain and taste buds a well deserved boost. High vibe chocolate with benefits. 60 grams approx.

Peggy Sue – Milk Bath Brew Pockets: Brew Pockets are like big tea bags for the bath, creating a remedial and relaxing bath experience, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and silky smooth.  These biodegradable Milk Bath Brew Pockets are filled with a blend of coconut milk powder and oats which together infuse the water with vitamins and antibacterial properties. Soaking in this milk bath replenishes the skin, restores the skins elasticity and cell renewal, and hydrates and deeply moisturizes. Place 1 bag into the bath under warm running water. Gently squeeze bag to release the botanical essence. Relax and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Once done, pop your used brew pockets into the compost, they’re biodegradable! Contains 3 brew pockets

Johns & Co Classic wooden box: Presented in our Australian made, classic keepsake box, designed to be re-used around your home or office.

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